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Snow Dino!

David Weicker in the news

From a press release on the Athletics Canada website:

I am pleased to be joining the (Athletics Canada) team and am truly excited about bringing my experience to the fold in continuing to assist in the development of Canadian Officials to be the best in the World.

What an interesting appendage!

Hello World

I’ve decided to work on my identity. Primarily my online identity, but not just that, my scope is larger than that. You see, I came to the realization that I may have all these great ideas, fascinating interests and profound opinions floating around in my head, but how many people (even those who know me well) are aware of all these things if I don’t express them?

This is why I’ve started this blog. So I can say what I want to say. So I can be proud of who I am and stand up for the thoughts and opinions I have. So I can help spread interesting information and promote new ideas. So I can connect my network of projects, hobbies, interests, peers, beliefs and opinions together under a single personal website. So I can help people better understand who I am and what I stand for.

I hope this will benefit me by activating parts of my brain that are usually on auto pilot. It’s time for me to put more effort in. It’s time for me to make my future what I want it to be. I’d like to invite you to subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn. Let’s see what happens next!