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I recently discovered the amazing band from Tel Aviv, Israel known as Eatliz. If you go to their website you will find that you can stream every track from their debut album and related EP.

After listening to their streaming tracks I was very impressed! Their music reminds me of so many different genres and artists at the same time. So I joined their mailing list and they emailed me some selected tracks:

  • Bolsheviks – reminds me of Mars Volta + Mr. Bungle + Bjork + Opeth
  • Hey – reminds me of… Fantômas + Bjork + Tori Amos + Broken Social Scene
  • Must Get Laid – reminds me of Mr. Bungle + Goldfrapp
  • Zoo – reminds me of Mew + Metric with hints of Coheed and Cambria, but mostly of Electric Turn To Me (I really wish they hadn’t broken up a few years back!)
  • Sunshine – VERY Mars Volta like + Fantômas + Coheed and Cambria
  • Army of Me (Bjork Cover) – Whoa.. I mean.. “WOW!!!” Definitely check out the video to see for yourself.

OK, so the music is good, I’m digging this new find so far… then I decided to check out their music videos… WOW, now I’m totally blown away! You MUST check out their awesome music videos! “Lose This Child” and “Hey” are both extremely impressive videos but I especially like the video for “Attractive” – a soft, delicate song with a video that seems like it could have been inspired by Little Big Planet.