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Wedding Playlist

Music is important to me. So for my wedding, obviously I wanted to try and incorporate as much great music into the day as possible. I wanted to find a balance between my taste in music, music that a wide variety of other people would enjoy, music that is appropriate for wedding day celebrations and a selection of fun and spontaneous choices that the crowd on the dance floor would be demanding at any point in time. After discussing this with my wife we decided our primary goal was to host a once in a lifetime party, so for that reason we hired Drew Arrington to DJ our reception. We loved his attitude and energy at a friend’s wedding in 2009; he was the perfect fit to entertain our guests!

That took care of our primary goal, but what about my secondary goals? I wanted to include some of my favourite music! This was our day after all! What could I do without turning into Groom-zilla on our DJ (or my wife)? I toyed with the idea of giving a few favourite band names to Drew to see what he’d come up with, but as I typed out some of my ideas I quickly realized that I had too many opinions; that I’m too picky; that I really had to build some sort of playlist myself and pass it on in it’s entirety.

I had a great idea: during the time between the ceremony and dinner (roughly 1.5 to 2 hours) while we’re off taking photos and the bar is just opening up why not share some of my musical selections with our guests as they mingle? I didn’t mind that I wouldn’t be able to hear most of these songs because I knew them all by heart and I’d always have the playlist to listen to whenever I felt like it. That sounds like an easy task right, an hour or two of celebration music to psych up our guests while they’re waiting for us?

Well, the playlist grew, and grew, and grew… and soon the scope of my little project included music to play during dinner as well. I was worried that Drew would feel that I was stepping on his toes, but luckily he was ok with it, he actually complimented my taste in music! His real job for the day would begin after dinner and go into the wee hours of the morning, so really, I was doing him a favour – he could sit back and relax for the first few hours!

I took inspiration from many sources, including the CBC Radio 3 Wedding Bell’s Podcast long time personal favourite artists and tracks and of course songs that had a personal meaning behind them. I tried to group the songs such that more modern, fun and upbeat songs would play earlier when the guests were arriving, getting their first drinks and mingling in the sun. Then in the middle section when we would be arriving at the reception I chose songs with some personal meaning behind them, then later in the mix some of the more quieter and romantically themed songs would come on while guests were eating.

Here it is, my wedding playlist:

  1. Broken Social SceneForced to Love
  2. Kings of LeonUse Somebody
  3. Land of TalkSome Are Lakes
  4. You Say Party!Laura Palmer’s Prom
  5. The New PornographersGo Places
  6. StarsFixed
  7. SiaUnder the Milky Way (The Church Cover)
  8. The Tragically HipFlamenco
  9. Zero 7Somersault
  10. Cary BrothersBlue Eyes
  11. The Goo Goo DollsIris
  12. Young and SexyLife Through One Speaker
  13. Bonnie SomervilleWinding Road
  14. The Apples In StereoNobody But You
  15. Big StarI’m In Love With A Girl
  16. Jason MrazI’m Yours
  17. Smashing PumpkinsTonight, Tonight
  18. Collective SoulThe World I Know
  19. The Goo Goo DollsLet Love In
  20. The New PornographersWe End Up Together
  21. The ShinsNew Slang
  22. Royal WoodI’m So Glad
  23. LambGorecki
  24. MetricLove Is a Place
  25. Hannah GeorgasThis Is Good
  26. StarsMy Favourite Book
  27. David MylesRun Away
  28. Jason MrazLucky (feat. Colbie Caillat)
  29. Sarah HarmerOpen Window (the Wedding Song)
  30. Hawksley WorkmanOh You Delicate Heart
  31. Constantines & FeistIslands In the Stream
  32. Patrick Brealey & the KnivesHow Would You Choose to Be Loved?
  33. Hannah GeorgasShine
  34. Jill BarberChances

You’re probably wondering what the grand finale was, the song that rose above all others and was selected to be the soundtrack for our first dance. This was a tough choice, there were many contenders, but in the end we chose Celebrate by Rose Cousins. It was wonderful and amazing; everyone loved it!

I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do.


Most radio stations showcase a band of the month. Some artists have song of the day or songs for the week recommendations. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be that ambitious or routine, but today I’d like to talk about the band known as Stars.

I was listening to their incredible 2007 album In Our Bedroom After The War while driving on the highway the other night and a few thoughts went through my mind:

  • This is my favourite Stars album. I hadn’t listened to it for a while so it immediately felt like I was connecting with an old friend. Newer releases always bump the older ones out of the CD wallet in my car but I wish I had never taken this one out.
  • This is an excellent CD to listen to while driving! With a wide variety of beats and melodies you can listen to it loud or soft, whether you’re alone with the stereo cranked up or listening to it in the background while having a conversation.
  • My favourite song on the album is the second track The Night Starts Here. It’s a beautiful male/female duet that starts out light and dreamy but ends in an epic bass driven alt-pop orchestra – I love it!
  • I enjoy whistling along to most of the songs on this album when I’m alone. I didn’t really realize I was doing this at first, it just felt natural.
  • I think this would be a fun album to sing along to… especially the duets.
  • This album is upbeat enough to keep you awake yet smooth and calming enough to prevent road rage and traffic frustrations from making my drive unpleasant.

In conclusion, this album is wonderful and it deserves more attention, go listen to it right now!

The importance of music in my life

Music is important to me. I spend as much time as possible listening to great music each day! I am a bit of an audiophile (in the sense that I am “an individual who is very interested and enthusiastic about the sound quality of a stereo or home theater system” but not in the sense that I am insane or full of money). I own humorous t-shirts like this one. I have a turntable. I still enjoy going hunting for records on weekends. Even though the rest of the world has generally stopped buying CDs I still do sometimes!

You get the picture, I enjoy and value music in my life! Maybe it’s because I respect musicians so much. I have never played any instruments with a measurable proficiency myself so I look up to those who are experts in their craft. Now that I think about it, really, I look up to anyone who is an expert in their craft.

Another reason I love music so much is that it is one of few asynchronous activities I can do. For example, I can listen to music while working, cooking, exercising, reading, etc. It’s not so easy to cook while exercising, or to read a book while riding a bike, etc! So, because music is so important to me I would like to share some of my personal favorite artists and tracks. Once in a while I will publish some of my playlists on this blog under the Music category. Stay tuned!