The importance of music in my life

Music is important to me. I spend as much time as possible listening to great music each day! I am a bit of an audiophile (in the sense that I am “an individual who is very interested and enthusiastic about the sound quality of a stereo or home theater system” but not in the sense that I am insane or full of money). I own humorous t-shirts like this one. I have a turntable. I still enjoy going hunting for records on weekends. Even though the rest of the world has generally stopped buying CDs I still do sometimes!

You get the picture, I enjoy and value music in my life! Maybe it’s because I respect musicians so much. I have never played any instruments with a measurable proficiency myself so I look up to those who are experts in their craft. Now that I think about it, really, I look up to anyone who is an expert in their craft.

Another reason I love music so much is that it is one of few asynchronous activities I can do. For example, I can listen to music while working, cooking, exercising, reading, etc. It’s not so easy to cook while exercising, or to read a book while riding a bike, etc! So, because music is so important to me I would like to share some of my personal favorite artists and tracks. Once in a while I will publish some of my playlists on this blog under the Music category. Stay tuned!

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