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UBC LipDub Video

My wife showed me the UBC LipDub video from her school this weekend. I love the Old Spice Guy parody bit at the beginning! The rest of it is pretty incredible too – one long continuous scene involving a thousand person dance mob, a bus, a swimming pool and a helicopter! I’m very impressed with the directing and production. Check out the YouTube video when you have ten minutes to spare.


I find it funny that my blog is so young and yet I’ve already taken time off from it! Oh well… I’ll try to get into a routine over the next few weeks. Anyways, over the past three weeks I have been focusing intensely on selling our townhouse and buying a house. I am happy to report that both transactions are final now and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out! We will be moving in the summer.

David Weicker in the news

From a press release on the Athletics Canada website:

I am pleased to be joining the (Athletics Canada) team and am truly excited about bringing my experience to the fold in continuing to assist in the development of Canadian Officials to be the best in the World.