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Rifflandia 2012 Preview

My excitement level at T-minus two weeks before Rifflandia is getting pretty high. High enough to self produce LOLcat pictures even!

These are the bands I’m most excited to see:

  1. The Flaming Lips
  2. The Jezabels
  3. DJ Shadow
  4. Dan Mangan
  5. Brasstronaut
  6. Mother Mother
  7. Rich Aucoin
  8. Cake
  9. Hey Ocean!
  10. Sloan

You can check out some Rifflandia sampler playlists by day or by venue at

When the festival comes to a close I’ll report back with my review and we’ll see what blew my mind to move up (or onto) the list, and what disappointed to move down (or off) the list.

Wedding Playlist 2.0

Two years ago today I got married.

Last year, my boss gave me a great idea for a first anniversary gift. I bought a scrapbook, and some supplies, and the idea is to put a wedding photo on the first page and then each year on our anniversary take a photo to add to the book. Bonus points for an activity to do together and one that keeps on giving!

After reflecting on the past two years of married life, I decided to create a new playlist to share with my wife as an anniversary gift. (Do you remember mix tapes? No? What about mix CDs? I’ll admit a playlist doesn’t seem quite as romantic…)

This gesture might not come as a surprise. You may recall I blogged about my original wedding playlist last year and it was featured in a Hi-Fi Weddings post as well. I listen to a lot of music in my day to day life, so I figured why not update my picks with songs that either could not fit in the time we had, or songs that I hadn’t heard yet, or songs that hadn’t been written yet.

So here it is. Play time is 59:31. Happy Anniversary!

  1. Hey Ocean! – Make a New Dance Up
  2. Jason Bajada – The Sound Your Life Makes
  3. The Meligrove Band – Bones Attack!!!
  4. Armistice – Mission Bells
  5. Sean McCann – The Reply
  6. Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs
  7. Hollerado – Got To Lose
  8. Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp
  9. Said The Whale – The Light Is You
  10. Gigi – Won’t Someone Tell Me?
  11. Hey Rosetta! – Welcome
  12. Rococode – Empire
  13. The Cure – Lovesong
  14. Said The Whale – Loveless
  15. Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes – (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life
  16. Joseph Arthur – Honey and the Moon