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Here are some of my pumpkin carving creations over the past 12 years:

Butterfly Gardens

Today I went to Butterfly Gardens for a recreational photoshoot with Lara Eichhorn.

It was so nice to get out of the cold rainy weather and into a warm tropical environment… even if it was only for 2 hours!

All shots taken with a Pentax K20D, FA* 200mm f4 Macro, with a monopod and external flash.

Gladiolus Macro

I really like this photo that I took last summer:

gladiolus macro

Pentax K20D, FA* 200mm f4 Macro, 1/200 sec at f8 with external flash

The name speaks for itself…

I’m not sure whether this is static content or whether it updates from time to time, so I took a screenshot to show you what it looks like right now. The name pretty much speaks for itself, check it out:

Snow Dino!

What an interesting appendage!